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Woodridge Pro Locksmiths: Garage Door Locks for Additional Security

Everyone wants their property to be protected. This is a given. But let’s discuss your garage. This might be a part of your property that you use daily, but otherwise goes largely ignored, at least in terms of security. People think that having an opener system is enough as it relates to security. At least, they think this until something goes wrong. What can go wrong? Well, the garage door can fail to close all the way, getting stuck halfway open. If the opener malfunctions, this can happen, or of course it could be the fault of another component, like the sensors. In some cases, the garage door is almost fully shut, but there is a slight opening in the bottom. This is a security threat, because it would allow someone to easily get into your property.

The aforementioned scenario is just one reason why garage door locks are so important. How can you trust that what you have stored in your garage is safe and secure? How can you know a criminal won’t be able to get inside? The unfortunate truth is that an opener can be manipulated by someone who should not have access to your property.

But another unfortunate truth is that the opener system can malfunction. And what about a power outage? These are all reasons that you need to have garage door locks for additional security.  So, what are your options? Are these locks expensive? Are there different lock types for different door types? Here, you can see some of the very popular brands and products available, but of course there are many more. This is why it is worth talking with a locksmith, who can provide a free consultation and go over your options with you. In the meantime, check out this list…

  • Garage Door Keyed Lock Set by Clopay
  • Blue Hawk Diecast Garage Door Bolt Lock
  • National Hardware Zinc Garage Door Side Lock
  • Everbilt Reversible Garage Door Side Lock
  • Chrome T Handle
  • Keyed T Garage Door Latch by IDEAL Security
  • Automatic Garage Door Lock
  • Prime Line Garage Door to Handle 
  • IDEAL Security - Keyed L Garage Door Replacement Lock
  • National – Garage Door Lock for Steel and Residential Wood Doors

You can see that you have bolts, side locks, latches and so on to choose from. You have automatic options. You can get a lock kit that includes the inside lock, nuts, shims, outside keyed lock assembly, bolts and so on. But we recommend talking with a locksmith because they can get everything properly set up and ensure the components you are getting re going to be a match for your garage door. 
Woodridge Pro Locksmiths is our local business and we cover Woodridge, IL and the surrounding area. We are able to help you to make the best choices in terms of your locks, and once you choose the right locks, our experts can install them, make sure they are maintained, repair them and if ever needed, we can replace them. Not in our service area? Don’t worry, many locks offer garage door locks! 

Garage Door Locks Are Crucial 

If you have a garage door, it protects the items in your garage, or at least conceals them. Maybe it keeps your vehicle safe when the weather is bad. Or maybe you use it (the garage) as a spare room. No matter what, you want the garage door to be resilient. You don’t want someone to be able to walk into your home simply because they were able to manipulate the door or even just lift it open. After reading this article, you know that opener systems can be overridden. You know that the power can go out and you know that the garage door can sometimes reverse and get stuck partially open. Whether your opener system has failed you before, or you had a break-in or you are just trying to protect your property, we highly recommend locks for extra security.   

Check out some of your options…

Access Code/Keyless Entry 

We went over some brands and lock types previously, but here are some things to consider. You could go keyless and use a keypad to get in your garage. You could have a code set up for it that you only share with select individuals. It will certainly add more security and possibly even bring convenience into your life because you can give guests an easy way into your home. 

Slide Lock

A garage door slide lock is not expensive, so it will not set you back financially but it can certainly help you. There are some (like reversible locks) that can go on either side of the garage door (left or right). This kind of lock is for interior operation. You can also get a slide lock that is operated from the outside. If you do a search online, you will also come across sliding bolt side locks, or spring-loaded bolts. Confused yet? Talk with a locksmith! 

Garage Door T-Handle Lock

Maybe you want a random keyed lock that comes with parts like fasteners and hardware. Now if we mentioned T-handle we must also mention L-handle – there is a lot of terminology and options and it can easily get overwhelming, which is again why we recommend talking with an expert. Speaking of which…

A Locksmith Can Help You!

Having a garage door lock is a wise idea. Contacting a locksmith providing garage door lock installation can truly make a difference in terms of your property’s protection.  

Don’t make the mistake of only having an opener when this can be manipulated, glitches can happen, and you can also experience power outages that leave you with a garage door that is vulnerable. You want unwanted persons to stay out of your property, so you need the additional security when it is available.  

It is our intention that the information we have offered regarding garage door locks for additional security helps you out, even if it just makes you aware that this is indeed an option you have.  

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