What to Do, Ignition Cylinder Problems

Locksmith WoodridgeCars are a funny thing. Everything on them can be in perfect working order except for one little switch or fuse and your car still may not run. That’s exactly the case if you have a broken ignition switch or one that’s going bad. If your ignition switch will not engage when you turn your key in it then your car will not run no matter what else you do. So, what do you do when an ignition switch fails on your vehicle and leaves you stranded? Most people would probably make an emergency call to a locksmith to get this situation resolved. A mechanic might also be an option or a friend with more than average mechanical ability.

One of the best ways to avoid getting stranded because of an ignition cylinder that has gone bad is to get it worked on or replaced before it fails. That is why we are taking the time to write this article. We will point out some of the warning signs that your ignition switch is about to fail and also give you some reasons why a locksmith is the best person to call to resolve your ignition cylinder emergency. igns Your Ignition Cylinder is Going Bad or Broken

  • Main Relay Does Not Click When Key Is Turned

If you don’t hear a click when you turn your key in your ignition cylinder just before the engine starts to turn over this can be a sign of a problem. That click is the result of the switch inside your ignition cylinder telling your car it’s ok to turn over and start running.

  • Key Turns Hard in Ignition or Won’t Turn at All

If you have to really force your key hard when turning it in your ignition cylinder that is not a good sign either. Chances are you have some pretty worn out mechanical parts inside your ignition cylinder and it’s about to fail.

  • Ignition Cylinder Gets Hot

If your ignition cylinder gets hot to the touch when you turn your key in it that’s a bad sign too. This could mean that the cylinder is starting to develop an electrical short inside it. An electrical short develops when two electrical contacts no longer come together fully and the electricity arcs across then and causes a heat buildup.

  • You Have Trouble Unlocking Your Steering Wheel

If you have trouble getting your steering wheel to unlock as you turn your key in your ignition cylinder this can be an indication that wear and tear on that cylinder is starting to show itself.

  • Accessories Won’t Power on When the Ignition Switch Is Activated

If you have your ignition cylinder in the ‘on’ position but your car’s radio or other accessories won’t come on, that generally indicates and ignition cylinder problem is starting to rear its ugly head.

  • Your Car Suddenly Stalls While Driving It

This is rare but an engine stall could be traced back to the inside of your ignition cylinder acting as if you had turned your key to the off position. This can be very dangerous when you are driving to say the least.

Why an Ignition Cylinder is nothing to Mess Around with when it’s Failing

There is a reason why we pointed out to you these signs that your ignition cylinder might be failing and shouldn’t be ignored. 

When your ignition cylinder fails that’s it; your vehicle will not run again until you get it fixed. This can leave you stranded someplace that you may not want to be. There is definitely a safety factor that comes into play if your ignition cylinder goes bad. 

If you are stuck in a parking lot late at night that certainly is not the most comforting feeling in the world. Not to mention, there is a chance if your ignition cylinder fails when driving your car will stop running and you will also lose your power assisted steering.

These are all things that can be avoided if you learn the warning signs that your ignition cylinder is about ready to go bad. At the very least have a locksmith or professional mechanic at least take a quick look at your ignition cylinder for you if you are experiencing any of the ignition cylinder symptoms mentioned above.

Why Calling a Professional Locksmith Is Best When Experiencing Ignition Cylinder Problems?

  • Fast Responding – most locksmiths are dispatched to your cars location just a few minutes after getting your ignition cylinder distress call.
  • Carry Many Ignition Replacement Parks in Stock – most locksmith service vehicles like ours are more like mobile locksmith shops on wheels. They carry many different car ignitions right on their vehicles at all times.
  • Expertise – Locksmiths typically change more ignition cylinders than even auto mechanics do. This means they know how to do the job right each and every time they do this locksmith task.
  • Speed of Repair – not only does repetition from changing many ignition cylinders aid a locksmith’s knowledge on how to do it but because of this repetition they also learn to do ignition cylinder replacements faster.
  • It’s Affordable – One reason people hesitate to call a locksmith for an emergency ignition replacement is they think the final bill will break the bank. That’s hardly the case. Ignition cylinders are not a very expensive auto part and there is not much time involved in the change out process on them.

Professional Locksmith Ignition Cylinder Repairs in Woodbridge, Illinois 

When it comes time to replace the ignition cylinder on your vehicle you need to have it done by a locksmith company you can trust. That’s why many people in Woodridge call Woodridge Pro Locksmiths to do this locksmith task for them. Our locksmiths are highly skilled and experienced at changing out ignition cylinders for all major makes and models of vehicles. We also dispatch our locksmiths to your vehicles location promptly. Call us first when you have an ignition cylinder problem and we guarantee you will be very happy you did.

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